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Угадайте, чем я сейчас занимаюсь?
Правильно, смотрю чемпионат Мира по снукеру. Ныть по поводу несовместимости этого занятия с работой я не буду - работа неизбежна, к сожалению. Поэтому подвинуться, видимо, придётся фикрайтерству :) Акция "Пугачёва навсегда" продлевается до неопределённого времени.

А пока - мой вариант трейлера к "Стокгольмскому синдрому". На КК повешу в том случае, если Марко одобрит.


Автор: darrus
Жанр: слайдшоу
Герои: те же, что и в тексте
Предупреждения: Определённый количественный перевес в пользу немцев. Попсовая музычка. Весь использованный фанарт made by me. Ссылка и текст под катом.

Divshare link - 10,2 MB

It's alright, it's ok, it's an odyssee

Dr. mabuse, dr. mabuse

It's a shame he'll return in a shade of grey

Dr. mabuse, dr. mabuse

Every night, every day on the run

He's the man who has stolen the sun

Oh he lost all his life - all his dreams

Born ago hundred years by machines


It's history

There is enough for you and me

I promised myself to you

For sure my baby

Oh I swear you can't ignore


I justify my love is free

There is enough, my heart

For sure my lady

That's what lovers living for


That's love - we'll win again

This love is like an ocean

That's love - it's not a game

How deep is your emotion?

That's love - a burning flame

This love is like a fire

That's love love - it's not the same

You can't stop my desire


Silent water - night is falling

Silent water - full of tears

I'm a man with a broken heart, babe

I lost all pain and fears

Silent water - where we started

Silent water - full of pride

Here the ocean in my heart, babe

Alone ........... you've cried


I'm not your Romeo and you're not Juliet

After the curtain falls I'll drive you mad

Oh, baby heaven,

Just sweet heaven has sent you

I'm not your Romeo and you're not Juliet

But I will love you, love you, love you,

Drive you mad

Oh, baby there will never be another you


It's a magic symphony

Baby, when you're lying next to me

I hear violins, you know what it means

Just for tonight

I hear a symphony of love

I see the stars - the moon above

I hear your heart - I feel your touch

Deep down inside

Tags: klinsmann, loew, matthaeus, orange, slash, video
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