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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: implied Klinsmann/Loew, Flick/Markus Loew
Rating: PG 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: "Anyone can hurt the ones they love..." Most of the times unwillingly. Markus Loew's POV

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 

Anyone of Us


The weather is… Well, strange will describe it, I think. We’re hiding from the heat inside the house, and the heavy curtains are shielding us from the blinding sunlight.


I’m lifting my glass of orange juice.


“And now there’s no need to go to Bahamas, huh?”


Jogi smiles, nodding  Lately it became harder to find time to sit like this, sharing silence and occasional remarks about everything in the world.


Rustling of trees is heard from outside, and besides this sound everything is quiet, so peaceful, and just sitting in the armchair and enjoying the warm day seems to be the best thing to do.


Jogi starts whistling softly, and it’s ‘Lazy hazy crazy days of summer’. I laugh, because it fits perfectly, nevermind that it’s the middle of April now.


“Should I enquire about your work, or is it…”


He switches the tune effortlessly to ‘Everything’s alright, yes, everything’s fine…’, and it makes me laugh even harder.


“So with your permission I’ll enquire. How is your work?”


He stands up and bows politely.


“Thank you, it feels itself just fine. And how is yours?”


God, I adore my brother.


“Great, thanks”. There is a small pause and then I ask more seriously: “Doesn’t this work drive you crazy already?”


His smile is soft. “I’m used to this routine, Markus. And besides, I am lucky that my coworkers are also my friends”.


I nod, and he starts whistling ‘Friends will be friends’, then cuts himself off in mid-sentence.


“And yes, Hansi told me to give you his regards, I’m always forgetting”, and continues whistling.


Honestly it would be better if he didn’t mention this man to me. I…


The whistling stops again. “You remember Hansi, right?”


“Sure I do, I’m not that old to be forgetting things”. There is a sudden thought and I ask: “Is he your friend”.


Instead of answering he starts murmuring another song, ‘My friend the wind’ it seems to be.


“Jogi!” I try to sound offended, but he is just too funny.


He laughs. “Yes, he is my friend. I am truly lucky to have such a man by my side”. There is a proud and content smile on his face.


I… I don’t know what to say. Besides the usual things. “I’m glad for you” – now it was the first that came to mind, but it’s the good answer.


He nods. “Yes, I am lucky that we are friends with Hansi now”.


“As you were with Jürgen?” Again I’m asking the first thing that comes to mind, but all I want is for him to stop talking about Flick.


“Oh no”, Jogi’s facial expression is a bit wistful and happy at the same time, like always when he is speaking about Klinsmann. They should be really close together, I think. “Jürgen is special”.


There is a pause again, Jogi is clearly lost in his thoughts, and I guess these thoughts are pleasant, judging by his smile…


Too bad that I don’t know much about this man. I think Jogi would be glad to speak about him, if only I knew what to ask… Ah, sure!


“What is about this rumor of him going to ‘Chelsea’? Is there any truth to it, you know?”


Wrong question, it seems. Jogi looks a bit startled, and his words are hesitant, unlike the second before.


“I don’t know”, his gaze seems to be fixed on a swaying curtain. “Nothing is decided yet. Jürgen will tell when there will be anything to tell”.


“Seems likely, not? He has so many friends in England, right?”


Jogi nods absently.


“And England is closer to Germany than America… When was the last time you’ve seen each other?”


“He was here in March, remember?” And he switches the topic quickly without waiting for me to answer. “What will you say if I invite you to visit our training camp someday? You’ll see how the national team work.”


Sounds exiting, but…


“And Hansi offered to show you around, so you’ll see everything you want”.


I cough to hide my confusion. Exactly because of Hansi…


I don’t know what  to say to him. It’ll be interesting to see all this, but Flick… I’m afraid of this man. No, not that, I just…


Damn. I don’t even know it myself, how should I be explaining it to my brother?  I don’t want to be anywhere near Flick, because he… Because I… When we were playing together, his behavior towards me was… Damn. I don’t know. I’m afraid of him, but I have nothing to accuse him of, and my brother is his friend…


“It’s more fun than you think”, he is smiling and starts whistling ‘Ist ein Ball statt im Saal auf dem Rasen…' as if to illustrate the point.


“I hope”, this is all I can think about in a way of answer.


He nods. “And yes, Daniela wants to take me for a visit to her parents, will you come with us?”


“Afraid to face your mother-in-law alone?”


He laughs in reply, almost spilling his juice. “And about my offer – you won’t disturb anyone, I swear. I wouldn’t have invited you if your presence could’ve become a problem, you know, right?”


“Yes, I know”, I smile. He is obviously wanting me to accept his offer, and he clearly wants to do something pleasant for me, and I… “Sure, it’ll be great if you will really show me everything, if only I won’t be in the way”, and then I’ll try to find some reason not to come, lack of time or something else…


He is beaming. “Great then”. And continues with his musical exercises, ruthlessly abusing 'Zeit dass sich was dreht' – it is completely out of tune.


I love my brother, but sometimes he…


“I’ve thought about inviting Peter too, but he…”


This time we both can’t hold the laughter. If there is someone who hates football, it is our Peter.


But now I’m starting to think that my love for football is not a good thing…





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