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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew
Rating: PG 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: night after the match with Denmark

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 



“Just don’t worry, love. We simply have to analyze the match a bit more thoroughly, and we’d better do it now when the impressions are still fresh”, and he sighs, listening to Daniela’s worried voice on the other side of the phone.


“Now look, at least some wives are worried about their husbands”, laughs Hansi, finishing his cappuccino.


“Jogi, you are a lucky man”, exclaims Olli. “And Klara didn’t even think about calling me and asking how I am”.


Andy lies down on the couch. “That probably means that you simply don’t deserve your wife’s attention”.


“Me?” Olli’s look could have passed for offended if he didn’t have to make such effort to hold back the laughter. “I’m the ideal husband, as well you know. Jogi, tell him!”


He shakes his head in wonder. No, really.


“I am fine, love. Go to sleep. And stop worrying that much”, Daniela is clearly not happy with this answer, but she ends the conversation, wishing him a good night. He is about to close the phone, but this is just stronger than him. He dials the certain number – he himself doesn’t know how many times he did it in the time that passed since the match has ended.


Four hours, and Jürgen still isn’t answering the phone.


Trying to keep the disappointment he feels off his face, he puts the phone on top of the table so that it will be within his reach and looks at his colleagues.


“Your blonde got lost?” Smirks Hansi.


He makes his best ‘I’m-the-very-scary-and-angry-chef’ face. “If I hear one more such comment…”


“Got it, got it”, Hansi raises his hands in mock surrender. “No more comments about your blonde”.


Andy makes a sound that is somewhere in between chocking and laughter.


“Who cares about blondes”, Olli turns back to his laptop. “Listen farther. So, where did we stop? At ZDF’s site? Than let’s see what they are writing in ‘Kicker’”.


“Nothing different, I’m sure”, he shrugs. “Why does it matter what our press is saying about this game?”


“And I tell you we should be aware of all the comments about your first loss”, Olli’s tone of voice suggests that he is tired of explaining such elementary things to grown people. “So, the ‘Kicker’…”


“Says that there were too many debutants, it’s a good thing that they’ve got an opportunity to gather some experience, the victory of our opponents was deserved, we’ve missed some good chances”, recites Andy in bored tone.


Olli looks at him, surprised. “How did you guess?”


“Because you’ve read it all ten times already”, giggles Hansi, “Only the sources were different”.


“Laugh all you want, but it’s important to know…”


“I don’t like the fact that we couldn’t make more out of our chances towards the end of the match”, he chooses to ignore Olli’s tirade.


Andy nods. “Yes, that’s the problem that still stands – such moments like the one that Kießling had should end in a goal”.


“If we…”


“No, you just listen!” Olli is not going to be ignored. “Article in ‘Spiegel’…”


“Says exactly the same”, Hansi pours himself another cappuccino from the coffee-making machine. “Anyone wants more coffee?”


“It’d be good to sleep a little tonight”, answers Andy. “There was more than enough coffee already”.


Hansi nods, returning to the table. “But if we consider that we’ve had a B-team on the field…”


Olli raises his hand, calling for attention. “And the B…”


“Olli!” They moan in unison before Bierhoff is able to pronounce the name of the tabloid.


“The boring newspaper”, recovers Olli from his near-misstep, “Is in its repertoire”.


They all laugh.


“Everything was bad?” Asks Andy, still laughing.


“No, Enke was good!” That calls for another round of laughter. “But everything else… They call it the ‘joke-game’”.


“Let them…” His phone starts ringing before he is able to finish the phrase, first notes of ‘Un Estate Italiana’ making everyone turn in his direction.


“Reaching higher in…”, Andy starts singing to the melody.


“… the blue Italian sky”, continues the phrase Olli, then smiles mischievously. “And I bet it’s Jürgen”.


“And you win”, he smiles in reply, opening the phone, but inwardly he is cursing Jürgen’s timing. He doubts they will be able to speak normally now.


“Joachim”, when Jürgen is speaking with him like that he is always reminded of sunshine and warmth. “I’m sorry I didn’t answer, how are you?’


“I’m fine”, he is speaking quietly, and probably he is smiling like a fool. “Everything is fine”.


“Tell him I want to talk with him”, laughs Olli, there is no stopping him today. Yes, he was right. He won’t be able to speak with Jürgen normally.


“Olli says that he wants to talk with you”, and he almost can imagine Jürgen smiling at that.


“Tell him that I will call him later”.


He turns to Oliver. “Jürgen said he will call you later”.


Hansi looks at them with amusement, drinking his cappuccino.


“Ask him when he will do it”, Olli leans back in his chair, happy smile on his face.


“Olli asks when are you going to call him”, and Jürgen snorts at that.


“Tell him I’ll do it tomorrow”.


He glares at Olli. “Jürgen said he’ll call you tomorrow, and quit using me as an SMS service!”


This makes everyone in the room laugh madly, and he hears Jürgen laughing too.


“I’m happy to know that you all are in a good mood”, there is still laughter in Jürgen’s voice. “The game was much better than I expected, and the water show was just…”


“Don’t remind me”, he sighs. “Now this was unnecessary”.


“But looked pretty amusing. How are the players?”


“Everyone takes it very well. This match didn’t matter much after all. The important game was won, and it’s all that is important.”


“And how it was won! Even Lothar is praising you in his column.”


“And makes a jab at you”.


“Surely”, they both laugh. “I think I’d better call you tomorrow and leave you to your company now”.


“This company…” He says it with a sigh.


“What do you have against our company?” Olli is quick to jump into the conversation.


He smiles. “Who said we were talking about you?”


“I know you both!” Retorts Olli. “Tell him…”


“I’m waiting to hear from you tomorrow”, he tunes Olli’s voice off, concentrating fully on the man on the other side of the phone.


“I’ll call you. Goodnight, my dearest”.


Warmth is washing over him like a wave, Jürgen rarely uses endearments, but when he does…


“Good day”, too bad that he can’t answer properly.


Andy stands up. “I think we should call it a day”.


“A night rather”, laughs Olli. His mood is just too bright for 3 a.m.


They start walking towards the exit.


“And your blonde still hasn’t called”, says Hansi in sing-song voice and hides behind Olli’s back to avoid the mock-punch he was about to give. Olli laughs and Andy shrugs, obviously tired of calling his friends to order.


He smiles.


“Maybe tomorrow”.





Tags: coach otp, fanfiction, football, klinsmann, loew, perhaps love, slash, soccer
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