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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew, implied Flick/Markus Loew 
Rating: PG 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: a short scene right after the Saturday match

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 



The game is over!


His first feeling is overwhelming relief. They have won. It is all that he is able to think about right now.


Suddenly he is embraced by everyone at once, and happy faces surround him. He feels hands on his waist – Hansi embraces him from behind, and then pulls away as if embarrassed by this show of emotions, though honestly he doesn’t mind in the least. He feels himself smiling, joy filling him. God, they have won.


“We’ve won!” Yells Andy in his ear.


“Eat it, naysayers!” Laughs Olli, smiling widely. “See how it’s done! We’ve won the game!”


“You sound as if you were on the field yourself and scored the deciding goal”, he laughs, embracing his friend.


“I was!” Olli is indignant, then adds after a quick pause, “It just was eleven years ago”.


“2:1 is our favorite score with Czechs, right?” Andy pats Olli on the back, and they all are smiling, looking at the players celebrating the victory.


Hansi smiles at Olli. “Good omen for Euros, shall we say?”


“Omens? I don’t know what this word means”, exclaims Andy, making Hansi double over with laughter.


He throws a look at his watch and steps aside, taking the mobile phone out of his pocket.


“Yes, yes, got it”, laughs Olli. “My friends, we should leave him alone”, and bends closer to him, whispering conspiratorially, “Greetings from me to your blonde”.


Andy smacks Olli over the head lightly, and Bierhoff makes an offended look so convincingly that everyone is laughing again.


“Don’t be late for press-conference”, smiles Hansi, turning away.


He looks at his friends leaving, then returns his eyes to the phone in his hand. Sighs. Dials the number.


Waiting for the answer, he looks around, noticing the players walking in the direction of their locker room. Kuranyi winks at him, and he nods back, acknowledging Kevin’s amazing results in today’s game.




The voice on the other side is a little bit tired.




“Congratulations, Herr Bundestrainer”, soft laughter. “It was a great game”.


“You liked it?”

”Much better than what we did in 1996 anyway”, Jürgen laughs again, he’s missed this sound so much…


“Olli and Andy talked about that match enough already”.


Short pause, but they both are already used to the necessity of filling these gaps in conversations.


“How are you feeling yourself?” He asks the question that made him feel uneasy the whole day.


“As well as I can be actually. This is why I love American doctors – they are always trying to avoid every discomfort that isn’t necessary”.


By the way Jürgen is talking he can suppose that his lover is telling the truth, and he sighs, relieved. Not that he was worried about this operation, such a usual thing, but still… No, he’s fussing too much lately, and it’s laughable really, Jürgen would laugh if he told him how worried he was today…


“It all is half so bad, Jogi. I swear”, it is as if Jürgen understood what he is thinking.


“I’m glad to hear it”, he answers quietly.


“I miss you”, Jürgen’s voice is warm.


“Miss you too”, he is almost whispering, looking around at the same time, as if trying to convince himself that nobody was around to hear these careless words.


“I wish I was able to see you soon”.


“Me too”, his answer is like an echo, but he can’t help but think that it was not a pure coincidence that Jürgen chose the date for his operation now, right before their usual time for meetings is supposed to be. Not that he suspects that Jürgen is trying to avoid him, and Jürgen said himself that he is missing him, and Jürgen had to solve his health problems long ago, he himself was lecturing Jürgen about it a year ago already.


But still, it was disappointing to learn that their meeting will be delayed.


He should be thinking about other things now. Like the next match of the National Team.


“Take care of yourself”, he says softly.


“You too. Don’t worry too much. Don’t take it all too seriously. It was scary sometimes to look at you during the game. Everything will be fine. You have a great team, Joachim. And – it’s just a game”.


“I know”.


“I miss you”.


“I miss you”, he answers in the same tone.


“Call me tomorrow when you have time”.


“I will”, he smiles.


“Good night, my Joachim”, there is smile in Jürgen’s voice.


“Good day”, there’s no way he’s going to say the name out loud here. But he is still smiling, closing his phone.


Hansi appears suddenly behind his back, as if out of nowhere.


“So who is it you are missing?’, laughs his assistant and then elbows him a little, whispering loudly, “Your blonde?”


“It was Markus”, the words fall from his lips before he is able to think about it, and he is surprised himself, because there is no reason for this lie at all. Maybe only because he doesn’t want this quiet conversation to become an object for dirty jokes.


“Your brother?”, Hansi appears thoughtful. “I remember him a little, is he still playing football?”


“No, found other goals in life long ago”, he finds this topic is way better than his love life.


“Too bad, too bad…” And suddenly Hansi turns to him, as if struck by the idea. “And why don’t you invite your brother here?”




“I mean, to the training camp. Shouldn’t it be interesting for him? And your other brothers too?”


He laughs. “No, Peter would be glad if he never in his life hears the word ‘football’ again, it’s not for them. But Markus may be interested, you are right. Damn, I didn’t even think that he might want…”


“I think everyone would want to visit a training camp of German National Team. Except for Peter Löw, I mean”, they share a smile. “And since Markus obviously knows you and he knows me, and Andy and Olli are so easy, I think it will bring him great pleasure to spend some time with us”.


“If he will have time before the next match…” He curses himself for forgetting about his brother’s interest in football. Sure, Markus never asked about permission to come visit, but Markus is always afraid to intrude upon someone, and surely he will be pleased to watch how it all works at the higher levels in football…


Hansi nods. “Just don’t let journalists find out about it, and everything will be fine”.


He smiles gratefully at his friend. Hansi always pays attention to those around him. He is lucky to have such man at his side.





Tags: coach otp, fanfiction, football, klinsmann, loew, perhaps love, slash, soccer
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