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Отвяжись от Джедая - будет цел башка твоя :)

Star Wars video. 

Title: Fortune Favors the Brave
Author: darrus
Summary: Jedi Knights, lightsaber battles and the Force

Normal quality (5.21 MB)
Low quality (1.18 MB) It is a link to my site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the picture to download the video.

Oh, oh, oh

Fortune favors the brave


It's all worked out, my road is clear

The lines of latitude extend

Way beyond my wildest dreams

Toward some great triumphant end


We seize the day

We turned the tide

We touched the stars

We mocked the grave

We moved into uncharted lands

Fortune favors the brave


The more we find, the more we see

The more we come to learn

The more that we explore

The more we shall return


Nothing is an accident

We are free to have it all

We are what we want to be

It's in ourselves to rise or fall


This is easy to believe

When distant places call to me

It's harder from the palace yard

Fortune favors the brave


Oh, oh

Fortune favors the brave

Oh, oh

Fortune favors the brave

Tags: star wars, video
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