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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew
Rating: NC17
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: A moment of happiness

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here

Author's notes: people who visited my lj recently may have noticed the awful lot of cyrillic characters on the main page. The explanation is easy - I started writing fics in Russian - my native language. The main story for me is still "Perhaps Love", with pairing Klinsmann/Loew, and I'll still be writing it in English as long as there are people who are reading it (and the only way for me to know that there is someone who is still reading is if people comment). The first Russian fic was "Try to prove that you're not a camel", with pairing Klinsmann/Voeller - just some errant idea. But suddenly the new storyline started to unwrap from it, some sort of prehistory to "Perhaps Love", that helps me to understand where Klinsmann stands in the relationship in "PL" and how it came to this. Main pairing for "Camel" timeline is Juergen Klinsmann/Lothar Matthaeus. So far there are 3 stories in it, all three in Russian, you can find them using "camel" tag. If someone is interested in this pairing and this story, I can attempt to translate or write something in English too. But everything that is relevant to "PL" will still be written in English.
Also there is "Je T'Aime", Klinsmann/Loew, and I'm planning to translate it to English anyway, even though it's really depressing story, no relation to "PL" whatsoever.



Jürgen throws the key in the air and catches it again.


“And it was the last time ever I let you drive”


He leans to the wall near the door, watching Jürgen fumble with the lock.


“Remind me just how many times I’ve heard it already?”


“Two thousand five hundred twenty three”, they look at each other and he is the first to burst into laughter, Jürgen joins him the instant later. “But it definitely was the last time, I swear!”


He has to fight with laughter to find the ability to speak


“Which driver is better – the one who likes to drive fast or the one who risks to fall asleep behind the wheel?”


“You…” Jürgen punches him on the shoulder mockingly. He catches the hand and pulls Jürgen close to him, wrapping both hands around slender waist.


“Are you going to open the door or will we be spending the night right here?”


Jürgen laughs again and turns the key in the lock. The room is dark. They enter and he pushes Jürgen against the door, kissing him with tenderness and hunger – the thing he wanted to do the whole evening.


Even in the dark he sees Jürgen smile.


“Aren’t we too old for this, Joachim?”


He smiles back.


“You probably are”.


Jürgen laughs and frees himself with swift movement, shrugging his jacket off at the same time and throwing it in the general direction of the armchair. He palms the switch on the wall, turning on the light. The room is small. Bed, armchair, round table and two chairs. Jürgen turns to him, in this indescribable grey shirt and washed-out jeans, with a smile on his lips. Golden. Breathtaking.


“You’re beautiful”, he says before he is able to check himself, and Jürgen starts laughing again, throwing his head back, like he always does. He feels his breath catch in his throat.


“Beautiful”, he repeats softly.


“Joachim!” Exclaims Jürgen with mock indignation in his voice.


“Beautiful doesn’t even start to describe it”, continues he in sing-song voice, hiding the depth of his emotion behind the joke.


“Joachim, stop”, Jürgen looks almost uncomfortable.


“Stunning is more like it”.


Jürgen crosses the space between them with one step and their lips meet in a brief but passionate kiss.


He smiles when they part again.


“Interesting way to make someone silent. I think I should say again that you are…”


He doesn’t finish, because Jürgen kisses him again, hard, till they both are breathless.


Jürgen’s smile is triumphant.


“Any more words?”


He uses the moment to tip them both off balance. They land on the bed, still embracing, Jürgen flat on his back, he on top of his lover. His smile is almost wicked.


‘Who cares about words?”


And they are kissing again, Jürgen’s hands moving slowly up and down his body, caressing gently. He unbuttons the collar of Jürgen’s shirt with his left hand. They both have no desire to hurry, they’re savoring every touch, every kiss, every second of it.


The sound of mobile phone ringing startles them both, and he winces at the annoying sound.


“It’s yours”, smiles Jürgen, undoing the buckle of his belt at the same time. He runs his fingers through Jürgen’s hair, they are soft, almost like silk. The melody stops and starts again almost instantly, whoever it is he is really insistent. The phone is in the pocket of his coat, near the door, and he has absolutely no wish to move from his current position. Jürgen runs his fingers over silver pendant that he wears around his neck.


“What does this mean?”


He smiles.


“I don’t know. It is supposed to bring luck”.


Jürgen smiles back.


“Does it work?”


“I don’t believe in such things, you know”.


The phone starts ringing for the third time. This melody is really annoying, he’ll have to change it.


“Having sex, call back later”, snaps he almost angrily.


“Joachim!” And Jürgen is laughing helplessly, and his annoyance evaporates like smoke at the sight of his beloved. He bends down, pressing the kiss to Jürgen’s throat.


“And for the record, I still think that you are beautiful”.


Jürgen kisses him briefly.


“You’re unbearable”.


“Says who?”


“Says me”, another brief kiss. “Turn around”.


“Trying to order me around in bed, are you?” Next moment he is lying on his back and Jürgen is above him, laughing softly.


“As if I have to order”.


He’s not going to argue. The position is perfect to finish unbuttoning Jürgen’s shirt, and he runs his fingers over the strong body, feeling the tension. Jürgen moans breathlessly and bends down to kiss him again. Their touches are more desperate now, clothes are thrown off carelessly, bodies pressed to each other. It seems that Jürgen’s hands are everywhere, and he is almost lost in sensations again, like the first time, but he doesn’t mind because it seems that Jürgen is a bit overwhelmed too. Somehow they shift positions once again, and he is on top once more, straddling his lover’s hips, and when Jürgen’s hand starts preparing him he doesn’t even feel any fear, just pleasure and desire for more.


Jürgen enters him carefully, with one long slow movement. It’s somehow easier now, maybe because the position is different, and it feels so good. It doesn’t take them long to find the right rhythm, the bodies moving in synch, they both are caressing each other, moaning softly. He is the first to fall over the edge, with the beloved name on his lips, and Jürgen catches him in tender embrace. Two more strokes, and Jürgen is coming too, whispering his name.


They kiss again. He bends to grab the shirt from the floor, wipes them both off. Jürgen smiles at him, half asleep already. He pulls the cover over their bodies.


“Light”, whispers Jürgen, trying to stifle the yawn. The switch is right about the headboard, he reaches out with his right hand, and the room is dark. He pulls his lover closer, and the next instant Jürgen is asleep in his embrace. It feels so good to be lying like that, embracing each other, and Jürgen’s soft breathing is almost like a lullaby. He smiles and closes his eyes.




Tags: coach otp, fanfiction, football, klinsmann, loew, perhaps love, slash, soccer
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