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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew
Rating: NC17 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: It's hard to solve a problem when you don't know where the problem is

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 



He leans back in the armchair. It is dark already outside, and looking at the window he can see the brightly lit streets of Vienna. They’ve had dinner in a restaurant right in front of their hotel, and the cooking there was as brilliant as always.


The TV is on, and the sound is like a background for their conversation. His jacket is draped over the chair, and his keys have fallen to the floor, but he just feels too relaxed now to even think about standing up and putting them to their place.


“And it really seems that everything you do is not right by our journalists”. Joachim’s voice sounds half-amused, half-annoyed, and a rustling sound indicates that a newspaper was thrown somewhere in the direction of a trash bin.


He laughs.


“So they would have preferred that I’d declined to accept the Order at all?”


“You’d be called a traitor to the country in that case, I’m sure”, Joachim laughs too. “But these articles start annoying me. They find such reasons for your actions that you’d probably never be able to think of”.


He smiles and makes a sweeping gesture with his hand.


“Whatever. People I care about know what my motives are”.


“You’re so sure?”




He sighs. Once again Joachim seems to take offence at every wrong turn of the phrase. And honestly he is tired of it a little already, and he is in no mood for confrontations at all. No reason to spoil this great week with an unnecessary fight.


And the week was most definitely great. It was so good to see the whole family again, and to spend evening with Joachim, Andy and Olli. Olli is still flying at least two feet above Earth, glowing with happiness – which is no surprise at all, he himself was like that when the children were born, and Andy is his usual calm self, and to sit with them like they used to for these two years - it brought such happy memories to him, and to them probably too. And visiting the Chancellor – Angela, how she always insists he should call her – was such a pleasure, they are formally only passing acquaintances, but he is ready to call her his friend… And now time with Joachim, who at the first glance seemed to get over whatever was troubling him.


“At least you know my reasons, right?” He smiles at Joachim, trying to get back on the safe ground.


“After you’ve explained it for the hundredth time in five months? Sure I do”, laughs Joachim in reply. Seems like everything is fine again.


He sighs inwardly. Wasting time on this “try-to-guess-what-is-wrong-with-your-lover-without-asking-him-directly-because-he’s-not-going-to-answer-anyway” game seems so pointless. He turns his attention to the TV-screen instead, in time to see the familiar face. Lothar is speaking as quickly as always, without making pauses between phrases, such a funny way of talking… Joachim is busy with another newspaper, probably looking for another article he will find offensive. He suddenly feels a desire to really come visit his old colleagues, and Salzburg is not far from here too… But since he has no reason at all to go there this visit will be impossible to explain, so it won’t bring anything but problems, too bad.


“Jürgen, you’re not listening”.


He lifts his head, smiling apologetically.


“Sorry. Got distracted by the TV”.


“Since when are you so interested in ‘Salzburg’?”


“Since Giovanni and Lothar are working there”, answers he with a laughter.


“You’re supporting Matthäus and Trapattoni?” Joachim sounds really surprised. “Now that is something new”.


“Old loyalties, I suppose. ‘Sono Interista’ and all that”. They both laugh.


“Then you should support ‘Inter’ and not ‘Salzburg’”, says Joachim in his most reasonable tone, taking another candy from the plate with sweets.


“Who says I don’t?”


“How should I know?”


He sighs again, standing up. Now it’s not even amusing, and probably he should demand the answers, especially after getting reason after reason to do so, but really he is tired. ‘If he wants to pretend that nothing has happened, fine with me’, this thought makes him feel a bit guilty, the sooner problems are solved the better… ‘Tomorrow’. And he embraces his lover, kissing him gently.


“Just ask me”.


“I have much more interesting things in mind”, smiles Joachim, kissing him back.


He runs his hand through Joachim’s hair, answering to the kiss. Joachim’s hand sneaks underneath his shirt, and he is pressed closer to his lover’s body, the kiss is deeper now. And maybe it is because of what they were talking about just now, but suddenly there is this bizarre feeling, something in a way Joachim is kissing him, something in his embrace… Strangely he is reminded of how Lothar was back than – this almost desperate fierceness, and it’s so weird, almost as if he is kissing with another man. But no, there is his Joachim before him, tender and passionate like always, and he smiles at his own overactive imagination.


“What are you thinking about?” Joachim is looking at him, and again – there is something heavy in this look, something in these dark eyes…


“About you”, answers he with a smile, telling the truth. And in Joachim’s answering smile there is no hint of this heaviness, it is joyous and light as it always is when they are together.


“And what do you think about me?”


“That I am lucky to have you”, he kisses Joachim’s neck and pushes him gently in the direction of the bedroom. Joachim laughs, following him. The light is off there, but they don’t need it anyway.


“Glad to hear it”, and his shirt is already on the floor, and Joachim is covering his chest with kisses. He moans breathlessly when his lover starts licking his nipple.


Unbuttoning Joachim’s jeans, he kneels before his lover, freeing the hard cock and slowly running his tongue over the shaft. Soft exclamation from above, “God, Jürgen”, makes him smile, taking him in his mouth, he runs his hands over his lover’s hips. Judging by the sounds, Joachim finally gets rid of his shirt, he feels the hand caressing his head gently. Joachim is moaning softly. He smiles again. Half of the time bed is the best solution for problems, hopefully it will work in this case.


Standing up, he takes his own jeans off, and next moment he is lying on the bed, flat on his back, and Joachim is above him. And again here it is, this fleeting resemblance, just for a second he is reminded of a way Lothar was moving when they were in bed, and again it disappears before he can understand what makes him think about that. But he is sure that he doesn’t want to think about it, he doesn’t want to see his Joachim like that. He kisses his lover again, the touch of their lips is tender, long, exploring. Joachim’s hand grips his cock and starts moving slowly up and down, making him moan and move in rhythm to meet this soft caress. Joachim smiles gently, looking at him.


“I love it when you are like that”.


These words make him warm.


“My Joachim”.


Joachim kisses him tenderly again, slick fingers are probing him, and he is parting his legs further, allowing his lover to prepare him. There is a concentrated look on Joachim’s face when he enters him, he is moving slowly, always slow and careful, and he is running his hands over Joachim's back, encouraging him. Their movements are slow, they are taking their time, giving pleasure to each other, sharing soft kisses, touching each other everywhere they can reach.


In the moment of orgasm he moans “Joachim”, and he sees his lover’s face relax, as if some tension is leaving him, and he comes too, with soft “Jürgen” on his lips.


They are lying there, still embracing each other and sharing quick kisses again. Joachim finds it in himself to pull a blanket over their bodies, but it’s the most they can do right now. TV is still talking softly in the other room, and the light there is still on, but right now he couldn’t care less, and it seems that Joachim feels like that too.


“Still think you are lucky to have me?”, Joachim’s voice is barely audible, but there is laughter in his tone.


He kisses his lover’s cheek.


“More than ever”.


They laugh, kissing again.





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