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Angry lymerics

Jogi Loew fans, please DON'T go here. Under a cut there is a coouple of lymerics about German NT and its coach, and they are not nice in any way. I wrote them after Euros semi-final, but now after some interviews they are even more actual. So here.

Joachim Loew is no fool
He likes to be calm and cool
Lost third champ in a row
Said 'the team still must grow,
and in qualies again we will rule'

Harmony rules in Loew-land
Players say now and again
'Everything is so good,
We've done all that we could,
And no problem that we lost again'

The players stand proudly and pose,
Their coach bites nails and picks nose
That's the new German team
That can't win anything
But they tell us that it could be worse

The best German team of all time!
Its potential almost divine!
That's what everyone says
Praising their losing ways
Pardon my French, I can't find a rhyme

Jogi Loew bougt himself one more scarf
Changed formation and thought 'I am smart'
Then lost his third champ
And got praised for that
And is now guaranteed one more start

German coach is happy again
Tells the world he is proud with his men
'Cos he thinks it's just fine
To be losing big time
And the third place is ok by them.

Jogi Loew hopes he'll coach in Spain
In Real or in Barca they say
But this Euro shows us
Just to Bayern he'll pass -
Just by them second places are well

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