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Suddenly :)

Some bad and not-so-bad limericks from me and vittorriya dedicated to André Villas-Boas, the likely new coach of Tottenham. All this story about his relationships with Mourinho is just too good to pass by :)

AVB wanted job number two
Told Faria "I'm as good as you"
for promotion he went
And got sacked instead
All because he's not special too

AVB had a lot of ambition
But he failed a job audition
said - I'm as good as you
And want job number two
And he lost both his friends and position

There was one Portugese
wanted a book to release
Thinking he's very cool,
clever and wonderful
He named it 'Special too'

There was a Special too
who wanted Chelsea to rule
But the Special One
sent some messages down
AVB now has nothing to do

Inter boss asked his portugese friend
Should I take AVB as my man?
But the Special One said
"It's too early for that"
'Special too' was left jobless again

There was man named "Special One"
Who wanted to have a bit of fun
So he sent sms
Now AVB is job-less
And there's nothing that he could have done
Tags: fanfiction, football
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