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Attempt at fic rec, in an obscure fandom, no less :)

Well, I've never done it, so I've tried and it turned into a random ramble, sorry :)

Rare fandoms are, contrary to the name, not too rare - there are too many inspiring books, movies and TV series. I've seen fandoms with one lonely fic floating somewhere on the web, or one lonely author with amazingly good stories... That's the good and the bad of it. The downside is that in rare fandom you have only a handful of fics to read and every new one is a reason to celebrate. The upside is - most of these fics would range from good to great.
Now, Twin Peaks is certainly a rare fandom.
The series - back then that was a novelty, it was strange, fascinating, scary and mystical, and addictive too. I was what - 9, 10, 11? at the time Twin Peaks was first aired, and even with my zero tolerance for horrors (which hasn't improved one bit, btw) I've watched every episode except for the pilot that I've missed that first time.
We know that the final of season 2 is essentially a cliffhanger that should have transferred us into the third season - which was never shot. And maybe for the better. As sad as the ending is, it's a sort of obvious conclusion to this storyline with undeniable logic underneath it. There is no 'happily ever after' in it - that much became obvious as the story progressed.
I love 'happily ever after'. I'm all for it in all circumstances. I love Twin Peaks fics that settle the story, resolve the open ending and things get fine again - well, I myself back then tried to imagine how it can once more be fine and well. But...
And then I've stumbled upon st_aurafina's fic and thought 'yes, it could be exactly like that'.
Two fics, actually.
Because there's Say Goodbye (To the World You Thought You Lived In), set directly after Twin Peaks ends, and then it continues with The Magician Longs to See that happens 10 years later and is actually a crossover with X-Files.
Btw, I wonder why they never did TP/X-Files crossover? The whole Twin Peaks debacle is an x-file all right.
Anyway. The story is marked as slash (TP pairing), but there is nothing graphic, and probably you can even pretend not noticing it if you don't like that sort of thing. More importantly - there are no graphic descriptions of other things either, and though the fic, like TP itself, deals with dark and disturbing themes, it's not dark. You see what happened, but you're mercifully spared the outwardly horryfying details, and that gives the story its mood. I'd name it - quiet intencity with a hint of desperation and a glimmer of hope.
It's not happy ending per see - but then again, it is, as much as happy ending applies here. Not happy-sugary-sweet-pink bubbles, but life that is allowed to go on, with joy and sorrow and hope. That is what makes this story fit into my personal take on canon, and that's the main reason I liked it enough to write about it. 
It's a bit like hearing the main theme - 'Falling' - throughout the sequences. Well written, both the storyline and the writing itself, and well worth a read if you still remember fondly the owls that are not what they seem :)
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