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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love

Just because I've remembered the song that once was my favorite.


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew, various
Rating: PG 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 


Storie di Tutti i Giorni


He’s ended up socializing with some unlikely people.


Some time ago Hansi dragged him out to the restaurant. ‘I want to go meet my old friend and want to enjoy your company – so what am I to do?’, the man laughed and listened to no more reasons.

So this was how he’s got to know Lothar Matthäus.

The man, contrary to what he’s thought, turned to be ok. They didn’t talk much – most of the talking was Flick and Matthäus chatting away, but the company was… pleasant. He’s certainly had a sense of humor, albeit kind of wicked one. And he was smiling a lot.

Not the man he’s imagined Matthäus to be judging by all the articles in newspapers and all that. Though – he admitted to himself – this first impression can very well be deceiving.  

And then he’s noticed something else.

It was not the words or tone of voice, and surely no trace of hostility, but the impression he’s got – getting stronger as the evening progressed – was unmistakable. Something about him was bothering Matthäus – strange enough thing, considering they’ve both learned to know each other only three hours ago.

‘Your friend doesn’t seem to like me much’, he’s remarked as they were lounging on the backseat of a taxi, heading home.

Hansi kisses him briefly – and smirks, noticing how the driver jerks his head back to watch the road, pretending to not have seen the kiss. ‘And what would you expect from him – after your brother stole the love of his life?”, whispers he in playful tone.

That’s one way to shock a person.

Next time he sees Matthäus – almost a month have passed already – he can’t help thinking about what Hansi said. Love of his life… The man doesn’t look the part, as someone who’ll be having a lifelong crush on another man. But it seems that once again appearances mean nothing.

And he can’t help but think ho easier it all would be – and for him too - if Matthäus would be the lucky one in this story and… not Jogi.


Jogi’s house always was like a second home to him. Though now he doesn’t spend as much time with his brother like he’s used to… And it stopped bothering him a while ago.

But their house is as comfortable and warm as ever. Daniela has this talent – making everything around her a comfortable place to be. She is wearing pastel-colored dresses and loves flowers, so he brings her roses – just to make her smile. She puts a cup of tea in front of him and sits down, as close to her husband as possible. And touches Jogi’s hand – and Jogi in reply squeezes her fingers briefly.

He likes watching it. Such a travesty – a pretence in full flight, the way these two live. He himself believed it is just as it looks – and though now he knows better, he still is sometimes deceived. They look a beautiful pair – that they do.

And he still doesn’t know if Daniela knows about Jogi’s little romance. He’s contemplated asking her a few times – one thought is stopping him though. What if she doesn’t?

Oh no. He’ll be the last one to hurt her. It’d be fun to toy with Jogi’s little secret a bit, and only fair… But she is always kind and loving, and it won’t do – bringing her pain. So he just watches them and smiles to himself.

And drinks tea – Daniela can make it like no one else.


And he surprises himself when he realizes that he actually likes Klinsmann.

Sure Jogi is keeping his lover to himself – or tries to. But it’s not always possible. So he too has had some chances to form an opinion about the man – and find that he rather likes him.

Because it’s hard to deny that Klinsmann is likeable. There’s a sense of danger in him, a man you wouldn’t like to be cross with, but a rather easygoing and agreeable person all the same.

Likeable. Jogi will say differently, he would suppose – he’d like to hear what Jogi would say about the man he almost lives with. Even more he’s like to know what Klinsmann thinks about Jogi. It doesn’t look like his brother has much luck in love.

Either Klinsmann is pretending so well – or he really is not too much in love. He likes Jogi – ok, there’s that, no doubt about it. In love?

They’ve spent two hours chatting once. Klinsmann – Jürgen – was drinking wine, and he was sipping his coffee. And they were talking about football, what else of course, and countries to visit and football again.

- Your brother is a good man, - said Jürgen and smiled. Such a wonderful smile – gentle and soft. It made him think that maybe he can understand Jogi’s fascination with this man.

- Do you like him? – Asked he innocently.

- Yes, - with a smile still. – I do.

And he was absolutely sure that Jürgen meant just that – ‘like’ and not ‘love’.

He should have felt pity for his brother.


And the next time he sees Matthäus he’s almost unable to stop himself from making him an offer – to deliver to Jürgen any message Lothar would like to send.

Now that would be an amazing joke – on everyone concerned.

All the way home he regrets that he hasn’t actually said it.

But there’s always the next time.




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