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So here's the easiest way of recording video from TVU, SopCast and other streaming programs.
I'm doing it in hope that one of my fellow snooker fans will record tomorrow's semifinal using it :)

So - what do we do with a ShanghaiSports channel? :)

You either have TVU already or you don't - and in this case you go to http://tvunetworks.com
It asks you to install ActiveX component. Do as it says :)
From menu on top of the page select "Sports"
From the list on the left select the channel you need - let's say "ShanghaiSports".
Wait till it starts playing.

Open the vlc player. Here is the link to download it. I don't know how to make it work in newer versions. Unpack the archive in "Program Files" folder and open the vlc.exe.
You see this:

Click "file". You see this:

Click "open network stream". You see this:

In the fild marked as 1 you input the adress. For TVU stream it is (for SopCast - and for PPlive )
2 - as on screenshot.
Check the "Stream output" and click 3 - Settings.
You see this:

1 - check "file"
2 - click on "browse" and select the destination you need. Make the output file extention .asf.
3 - check ASF format
4 - I can't make out this gibberish but for the file to be seekable (i.e. you can watch it from any point you like) the box should be checked :)
5 - click OK. You'll return to previous screen. Click OK again .
Voila - it starts recording! :)
If everything runs as it should, you see this:

It should not be playing video. Instead of "play" icon (arrow) you should see "pause" icon. In the checked field the http adress of the stream should be visible.
Forget about the player and just enjoy watching whatever you're watching.

You should not close the TVU and/or switch the channel while you are recording!

When you're finished, click on "stop" button (not on pause).
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