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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love

На самом деле всё оказалось очень просто и банально, и даже в какой-то степени пошленько...


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew, Flick/Markus Loew
Rating: PG 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: I thought it would lead to something more interesting...

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 

Love Is War (4)


Daylight is fading rapidly. Sun has disappeared under the clouds a while ago, and trees are bending under the wind. The quietness has settled, even the usual sounds of life - car signals, voices, noise from the streets - are dulled somehow, as if heard from behind the thick cover of cotton-wool. The sky is grey and heavy, and I haven't even noticed when did the birds stop singing.


The storm is coming.


Such a perfect metaphor it could be - the storm is coming. If I were the one for dramatics, I would have used this opportunity.


I take the phone in my hand.


First heavy drops of rain are landing on the pavement. I close the window.


Such a dramatic moment indeed. A storm to wreck something...


I can't help but laugh. What need is there for cheap effects? I'm perfectly able to create a storm by myself, without relying on help from someone - even nature.


The first roll of thunder explodes above as I put the phone down again.


It can wait.


I smile.


Everything can wait.



He always answers the phone when I call, no matter what time of day or night it is. I guess he even thinks that he doesn't abide by my wishes and does what he wants to do - and what he needs to do to show me his disdain. Poor thing, I wonder if he's noticed that he's playing by my rules all along, doing exactly what I want him to. Probably not. He's too much like his brother in this sense. Always thinking he's much more important than he really is.


But it's the part of his charm. And - helpful in some cases.


Like this one.


He always answers my calls. This time is no exception.


"Hansi", he's snarking. So impolite of him. Ah, such bad manners...


"Good to hear you, dearest".


Now it'll be either an almost-rude comment or a pause and then a very polite reply. I bet it's the first.


"Was better not to hear from you".


Ha! I win. He's such a cutie sometimes.


"To the Dark Side of the Force anger leads. Forget this, should you not".


"What do you want?" His anger makes me chuckle.


"Just wanted to share an observation with you. One very interesting observation."




I almost hear it as he bites his tongue to hold back the mocking remark he was going to make. Thoughts running around inside his head. He's prepared to take it seriously, whatever I say - good for him. And flattering for me, yes. He's waiting for me to say something that will wreck his confidence once again. Wouldn't it be easier to just hang up? Oh no, we're too brave for it and we should know the face of an enemy, shouldn't we?


How easy he is. Makes me sometimes wonder why do I love him so much.


"Sooo", I have to battle with the temptation to leave it as it is for now and make him guess for a couple of days what it is all about. But... I'll be too busy the next week. Pity that duty should always come first before fun.


"I was thinking here - upon my free time - about your brother".




Ah, and how completely different it is now. All attention, ready to catch every word, even arrogance has disappeared from his voice. Dear, dear, just to think... Ah, but no, these two and incest is such an unimaginable combination. Could be fun though.


But I'll kill Joachim if he ever dares to touch my Markus. If he only dares...


"And you know," I go for a conversational tone, "I think he's too careless".


He's silent, waiting for me to continue. So have it your way, my dearest.


"Yes, too careless for his own good. It's not bad that he's having an affair with... Ah, but sorry, I remember you didn't want to know who it is, but anyway - just imagine how all hell would break loose, should the press learn about his love affairs with a man... Oh, by the way, have you watched the movie on the subject? Jogi was in it."




Yes, Markus, dearest. Yes, me.


"So, as I was saying - it would be a full-blown catastrophe, should anyone ever learn about the coach of our National Team having an adultery relationship with a man. And imagine even worse - if it were not just accusations, they are so easy to deflect. But if the proof was offered, enough to make the accusations solid. Rock-solid, I'd even say..."


"You..." He hisses, this time with almost palpable hatred. Clever man he is, my dearest Markus. That's why I love him so much.


"Imagine - and think of it. Such an entertaining theme, isn't it?"


How exciting the detective writers make the blackmail look, the more boring it seems to be in real life. He's angry and still doesn't hang up on me. Damn. I thought it would be more fun.


"What are you..." He manages, obviously through clenched jaws.


"Just sharing and observation with you, my… friend. Nothing more. Though if you’d like to tell me what you think of the matter – I’d be happy to hear it. You know, Jogi’s interests are always a first priority to me."


"And if I wouldn’t like to?" Weak attempt. Showing some resistance, dearest? That's right, that's better.


"Then I’ll deal with the situation as I see fit, though I have strong doubts in my ability to handle such delicate matters. So I hope you reconsider. I really, really need… your… help".


I grin and hang up before I burst into laughter.


Sunbeams are dancing merrily across the ceiling.


"Hansi, where are you hiding?" Calls my chief's voice. "We're waiting for you!"


"Coming, Jogi, coming", I call back.


God, how easy they both are.






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