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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew
Rating: R 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: two lovers in the morning.

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 

Turn It into Love


Fast, almost rushed lovemaking, passionate, quick, to satisfy the need, to make up for days of separation. Hot kisses, hands touching everywhere, tangled sheets and clothes scattered around, and the curtains are still closed nevermind that it’s day already.

- Oh God, how I love you…

- I’m flattered, - laughter, - but it’ll be enough if you just call me Jürgen.

- You… - Joachim slaps his wrist, laughing too.


There’s a bitemark on Jürgen’s chest – Joachim is careless for once. And another scratch, left by fingernails, right between the shoulder blades. Joachim is staking his claim, leaving the traces, pushing all considerations out of his mind – as long as Jürgen allows him to do it.

They kiss again. Joachim’s lips are swollen, and he’s feeling tiredness creeping in – but there’s not even a thought about surrendering to it, as long as they have time together…

Like children in a candystore, really. And they’re both grown men, both in their forties, but it seems that there’s a lot still left in both of them.

- Another round? – Jürgen’s smile is just this side of wicked.

- You bet.


They make it to the shower finally, and they’re still together there, still touching each other’s bodies, looking at each other. Though now it’s mostly tenderness, just light slow caresses, taking care of the other.

The water is already cold when they step out. Jürgen’s bathrobe is probably two sizes bigger than he is, and they both can’t stop laughing at his looks.

Joachim’s hair is in total disarray, but just when he manages to bring it in some sort of order, Jürgen’s hand tousles it again.

- And here you are, a porcupine that’s just left the shower!

- I’ll show you porcupine… - Joachim looks at his reflection in the mirror and doubles over with laughter. – You should try yourself as a hairdresser…

- And what do you think I am doing just now? – And Jürgen’s fingers are tangled in his hair again.


They eat their breakfast when it’s midday already, still in their room because wasting time for restaurants is not on the agenda today. Joachim is toying with the teaspoon, and Jürgen has just eaten the last chocolate cookie. And grapes they were tossing in each other are scattered all across the table.

- So how’s Milan at this time of year?

- Perfect as always.

- Met anyone interesting?

- Old acquaintances and some familiar faces, - and Jürgen shrugs. – All that stuff. Your vacation should’ve been much more fun judging by what you’ve told me already.

- You would think so, - mutters Joachim.


Kissing again, like two eager teenagers. They fall in bed, embracing – not doing much this time, just being together. Jürgen pulls the cord to open the curtains and let the sunlight in, the weather outside is bright and warm and tempting – but not enough to make them want to go out.

Jürgen’s phone is ringing, he groans and takes it from the bedside table, looks at the screen and puts it back without opening.

- Funny melody, - comments Joachim.

- Heard it one the radio once, liked it, - Jürgen pulls him closer and the nest twenty minutes are filled with hushed moans and sounds of lovemaking.

- So who it was? - Joachim narrows his eyes.

- On the phone? My brother, - answers Jürgen, not batting an eyelash.

- What did he want, what do you think? – This brother whose name begins with ‘G’, as Joachim saw over Jürgen’s shoulder – and so far he’s had no reason to complain about his eyesight.

- To tell me off about me going to ‘Bayern’, that’s all that they want from me right now, - smiles Jürgen and snuggles closer to Joachim, ready to fall asleep.


Another phone call wakes them, and less than an hour has passed. This time it’s Joachim who doesn’t answer his phone, concentrating instead on kissing his lover as hard as he can.

They’re playing poker right here, just smoothing the sheets a little so there’ll be some place to put the cards. Luck is with Joachim today, so Jürgen is losing spectacularly, but his broad smile is the first clue that he doesn’t mind.

- Just don’t tell me you’re planning to replace Uli…

- Me?! – Innocent smile is Jürgen’s specialization.

- Judging by the new member in your team and his position…

- Oh Jogi, it’s just another assistant. Don’t read ‘Bild’, I beg of you.

Is Jürgen evading his questions or what?


Joachim’s sipping his coffee, Jürgen is drinking mineral water. The air is filled with the strong aroma of lemon, spicy and bitter.

- I love you.

- Love you too, Jogi, - smiles Jürgen briefly and lowers his gaze to his plate.





Tags: coach otp, fanfiction, football, klinsmann, loew, perhaps love, slash, soccer
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