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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love

A little side-spin to the main series, just a quick glance to the side.


Author: darrus
Language: English
Characters: Guido Buchwald, Juergen Klinsmann
Disclaimer: I disclaim

Summary: "What's wrong between you and Juergen?"


“What’s wrong between you and Jürgen?” Asks Rudi, and the answer is quick.






He could as well have asked what is right, dear Rudi, and he would have gotten exactly the same reply. It’s simply a matter of wording the question. The truth is relative, after all.


There is nothing wrong, absolutely nothing. Not a thing can go wrong when friendship that is more than twenty years old, one or two odd arguments notwithstanding. When the trust grows over the years and understanding each other comes even easier than it is imaginable, inevitable there comes a time since then whatever happens won’t be wrong.


It’s just that nothing is right.


Not anymore, and come to think of it – not for a long time. It just doesn’t feel right, to still be ready to rush for help at the first notice, even in the depth of the night – and being sure that the call won’t come. And maybe it’s a little strange to realize that these wide blue eyes won’t look at you anymore searching for guidance and advice.


He’s grown up, and he’s changed and became a better man for that – it’s just like it always happens, and always it’s a good thing, pleasant to realize and to know.


Everyone changes, everyone around, but only rarely it hurts.


There is nothing wrong with the friendship. But with the subtle sides of the relationship that only words ‘closeness’ and ‘special’ may aspire to describe accurately – it is where nothing is right.


And it’s not right to attempt to bring it back, because as people change – so do change the relationships between them. It would be a boring world if everything always stayed the same, and one man’s wish to make things turn back to what they were is nothing but a wish.


He will never again be a golden boy looking up to his older and wiser friend, and you've stopped long ago being the first person he came to with every bit of news and every thought, but realizing this simple thing takes more time and effort than it can seem.


And maybe it would be much, much easier if something indeed was wrong.


It is exactly how it looks from the sidelines, and what others think, and that’s why they call sometimes to ask a silly – or maybe not so silly after all – question: “What is wrong between you and Jürgen?”


But what can you answer to this?







Tags: coach otp, fanfiction, football, klinsmann, loew, perhaps love, slash, soccer
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