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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew and all other pairings too.
Rating: PG 
Language: English
Warning: RPS, songfic! (song can be downloaded here)

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: We tremble and spin suspended within...

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 

The Dream Within


The dream within
The stars are crying a tear
A sigh
Escapes from heaven
And worlds end

The dream within
The mystifying


- Good luck, Joachim.

And the short beeps from the phone. The conversation has ended.

Putting the phone down, he looks into the darkness outside.


Jürgen’s voice is always soft. His words always full of care and…

Three month’s ago he would have said ‘love’. Now – he doesn’t know.

Snowstorm is raging outside.

We tremble and spin
Suspended within


- Good luck, Joachim.

And he puts the phone down without waiting for an answer.

Just a simple conversation. Usual conversation. Like every day.

Not a harsh word spoken. Jokes and laughter shared.

Tender words flow in both directions.

Why does it feel like they’ve just had a row? When did it start?

If only he knew.

Look beyond
Where hearts can see


- That’s enough for today, frau Löw, - the chef looks at her and laughs kindheartedly. – I suppose your husband is waiting for you at home already.

- I’ll just finish with the papers, herr Faunst, - and she lowers her head again.

Columns of numbers that make perfect sense.

She’s checked it twice – and everything is correct. As always.

Her hand touches the silver pendant around her neck.

Strange, but it always feels cold to the touch. As if her body heat is not enough to warm it.

Dream in peace
Trust the belief


Jürgen’s head is lowered.

Standing in the doorway, she’s looking at her husband.

He’s absorbed in thoughts, his finger tracing the invisible patterns across the windowpane.

Coming up to him, she embraces him tenderly from behind. He’s not surprised. Maybe he’s seen her reflection in the window. Or maybe it’s because he always knows when she is in the room and where she is, even if his eyes are closed.

- Everything’s alright?

He turns to her, and there is this boyish smile on his face. Everything’s alright.

We tremble and spin
Suspended within


- I’m sick of it already, Lothar!

And the door is slammed shut.


He’ll apologize later. He’ll explain to his wife why this woman was calling him so late and what did she want.

Marijana will pretend that she believes his explanations. She knows better than to make a scandal.

After all, it’s just another short-time affair.

Fourth in two months.

The evening is cold.

The dream within

The voice is calling a song

A prayer

From deep inside you
To guide you


There are deceases that can’t be cured. Some of them are deadly.

Some of them can be perfectly lived with.

It’s just a part of everyday life.

He knows what it means to be gravely ill and live just like other people do. He’s even managed to do better than most.

Some say love is nothing more than another decease.

Well, all that it means is that he has two chronical illnesses instead of one. No big deal.

He’s a prime example of what man can achieve if he doesn’t surrender to circumstances.

- Gary, - Jürgen’s voice on the phone.

He’s so used to living like that that the only time he notices that he has any problems is when someone reminds him of it.


The dream within
The light is shining

A flight on the wind
Salvation begins


- I won’t be coming back to London.

- I know.

Snow is covering the trees. He’ll wake up tomorrow, and it will already melt. There’ll be cold water all around.

- Gary

- I know.

His tone of voice is reassuring. Everything is alright.

Just like it was alright in 1995, when Jürgen left for the first time.

Just like it was in 1998, when Jürgen came back and left again.

Sometime he will come back again. And will leave once more.

Everything is as it is supposed to be.

Look beyond
Where hearts can see


Wind is chasing the snowflakes across the streets. An endless merry-go-round, whirlwind of white dust filling the dark sky.

Wind is playing with the particles of sand.

Ocean waves are rushing to the shore.

It’s impossible to see stars through the heavy clouds.

Cold night in Europe.

Hot day in California.

Dream in peace
Trust the belief


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

He always feels better after talking with Gary.

No matter what they talk about.

There will be rain probably. The real rain, not this annoying drizzle he hates so much.

He’s tired of this hot weather.

We tremble and spin
Suspended within


Crumpled piece of paper on the table before him.

‘GL’ – and a long phone number.

He’d give much to know who it belongs to. Even more to know – what Jürgen…

He doesn’t allow himself to think such thoughts.

He never even tried to dial the number.

He would’ve done it – if only he knew what to say to the man on the other side of the line. Though he has some versions.

But he’s not sure.

The dream within


- Damn, Lothar, can’t you just let me sleep?

Marijana pulls the blanket over her head. She’s murmuring something else but he’s not listening. She’ll be asleep again in no time.

He stands up and walks down to the kitchen. Pours water in a glass. Takes a sip.

His throat is dry.

Sighing, he presses his brow to the window.

The glass is cold.

There is nothing easier than living a normal life. Perfectly normal life.

It’s been eighteen years already.

It’s just that sometimes it seems too hard to get through the night.

The stars are crying
A tear


- Joachim…

- I am busy!

He snaps at her, and she turns around and leaves slowly. Maybe she is waiting for him to call her back and apologize for his rudeness.


He is busy, and it is late. And he has work to do, or else Hansi will have a field day with him tomorrow if he shows up unprepared…

He’ll find time. He’ll spend a couple of days with her. But later.

He is busy these weeks, too busy.

It’s her problem if she doesn’t understand it.

It’s only her problem.

Absently he reaches for the phone.

A sigh
Escapes from heaven


- Jürgen!

- Coming!

The phone starts ringing just when he’s about to walk out of the room.

For a second he stops, thinking about who it could be and what can this someone want and whether it is important.

The wind is strong, trees are bending to its force.

He shrugs and leaves the room, closing the door after him.

The phone keeps ringing.

And worlds end





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