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Music meme from geeky_graphics:)

She gave me a letter 't', so I have to write down ten of my favorite songs beginning with this letter.
So, in order of them coming to my mind. (with 't', with 't', what do we have that starts with 't'...)

1) To Be Number One - Giorgio Moroder (English translation of 'Un Estate Italiana')
2) To Love You More - Celine Dion
3) The Winner Takes It All - ABBA
4) There's No Way to Fool a Heart - Geminy
5) This Is the Moment - Michael Ball
6) The One That Got Away - John Bon Jovi
7) Tell Me It's Not True - Michael Ball
8) Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen
9) Take a Bow - Madonna
10) Thank You For Loving Me - John Bon Jovi

If someone wants a letter - comment :)
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