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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew, Joachim Loew/Daniela Loew
Rating: PG 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: Family scene

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 

Someone Else’s Dream


He closes the door, throws his keys onto a small wooden tray – the one he himself brought from Africa. Muted sound of TV meets him, and all the lamps are on.


His mind is still on the match they’ve watched some hours ago, he remembers Hansi’s pleased laughter at seeing ‘Bayern’ win again, banners waving over the tribunes. Songs for two hours in a row. He’s caught himself whistling ‘Stern des Südens’ on a road back home. No wonder.


Turning his laptop on before he even sits down, he is already engrossed in tactical schemes and information he’s got that should be recorded and things he’ll be working on for the next two days.


There is much work to be done.


He spends hours of his time working, working, working, laying down plans, outlining strategies, dividing tasks, not unlike a general who is creating battle plans. There’s much, much work to be done when he’s not present at matches or events, even the time he spends with his friends has become shorter lately. Even when he worked with clubs, there wasn’t so much work, so there isn’t even enough time for dreaming and thinking…


“You haven’t eaten yet”.


Her voice is maybe a bit annoyed, a bit worried. He doesn’t even turn from the screen.


“I’m not hungry, love”.


“You’re working again and you’ve barely had time to breathe after the trip to Karlsruhe”, she’s insistent today.


“There are things to be done”.


“You’ll end up just like Klinsmann or even worse if you won’t be taking care”.


“What do you mean?” He turns around, suddenly angered at hearing her mention Jürgen – as if she can know what she is talking about.


“I mean that you’re overloading yourself with work. When was the last time you’ve went…”


He doesn’t allow her to continue, this is becoming anything but pleasant. “I have a work that should be done”.


“You have so many assistants I don’t even know everyone by names, why are you always doing everything by yourself?”


She’s touching his shoulder now, trying to make him listen. He doesn’t want to hear it at all.


“Because other people have other tasks, surely you understand that…”


She cuts him short. “Or is it just because you’re ready to do everything just to appear on the screen one more time?”


“What?” On the screen?


“You’re too busy being in the spotlight you don’t even care in which context your name is mentioned”.


He stands up. “Now you call me vain?” He’s towering over her.


“You have nothing but work in your life since August, why is this?”


Painfully familiar scent of her perfume, sweet and heavy, he’s bought it as a present to her when they weren’t even married and she’s never used another brand since then. This scent that will go much better with red velvet than with this light cotton shirt she’s veering this evening.


“Don’t ask me about…” starts he coldly and then almost laughs when she remembers the movie hero saying exactly the same phrase to his wife. Scene from ‘Godfather’, indeed.


Her lips are trembling when she looks up at him. “What is the matter with you this time, Jogi?”


He embraces her without thinking. “I’m sorry, love”. No, he’s not going to start family scene, he’s not going to hurt Daniela. It all shouldn’t be touching her.


She wraps her arms around his waist. She’s obviously ready to cry, it scares him – he never knew how to deal with crying people, never really had to learn. He doesn’t remember Daniela crying, things should be very bad if she suddenly is so wound up. Maybe he’s not careful enough?


“I’m sorry”, he repeats just to say it. She nods.


“You’re exhausting yourself. I don’t want to…”


“I will be more careful, I promise”, it wasn’t hard to guess that she was going to mention Jürgen’s recent health problems again, and he doesn’t want to hear about it.


She nods. When she starts speaking, her voice is trembling. “I’ve found it in a wardrobe, you’ve lost it?”


On her palm there is a little silver placket, the pendant he’s not wearing any more since last Christmas because…


His hand touches the cord around his neck almost reflexively, as if to check that Jürgen’s gift is still with him.


How could he be so careless?


“No, it’s the second one I’ve bought by mistake. Wanted to give it to someone but forgot. How did you find it?”


“I was looking for a striped skirt, didn’t find it, imagine?” She sobs, trying to pretend it was laughter. He laughs, trying to pretend he didn’t notice.


“May I have it?” She manages a smile, looking in his eyes. “I’ll be wearing it just like you”.


‘No!’ It’s his first reaction, first thought, he bites his lip, composes himself hoping that she doesn’t notice – and maybe she doesn’t because he’s looking at the thing in her hand.


“Sure, love”, maybe it comes out too cheerful but it’s all he can manage, “It will look good on you”.


And if it feels like she’s taking something important from him – he had it coming and there’s nothing to blame but his careless behavior.


She embraces him again and he kisses her without even noticing the taste of lipstick. Making her drop her worries – it’s as important now as the work he has to do.





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