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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew, Klinsmann/Matthaeus
Rating: PG 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: Two friends chat

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 

Whiter Shade of Pale


“So should I tell you about our latest news, Lothar?”


The voice from the phone is mocking him, reminding him how foolish he seems to be, how foolish he is really with his feelings, his dreams, how painfully foolish is his whole life now.


“Go on, my friend, if you feel the need to share it with someone – go on”.


He knows that his disinterest is fake, Hansi knows that his disinterest is fake, but still he keeps pretending that he couldn’t care less about everything that will be said. It is a part of this game they play every time. Hansi does his best to pretend that all he says is nothing more than an idle gossip, he makes a show of being bored by this useless chat.


Why they keep playing – they both don’t know.


“Klinsmann visited us in London, as you may know already”.


“Old news, Hansi. Very old”.


The pain has burned out already, the stabs of jealousy - every time he saw Löw’s happy smile directed at Jürgen - are gone, turned into numbness. His only wish is not to see this pair together again.


“Ah, then you should know that dear Jürgen disappeared the night after the match. Decided that sightseeing is the best entertainment after midnight, I suppose”.


“So what?”


Short pause, and Hansi chuckles.


“It’s just that Löw’s reaction seemed a bit strange to me. He obviously didn’t like that his lover went for a walk without him”.


The word ‘lover’ hurts. This whole dialogue is nothing more than self-torture. He shouldn’t be listening. He shouldn’t want to know what these two are doing. He should hang on and stop talking with Hansi. He should forget every single one of his wild dreams. He should be living in reality. He should forget.


He can’t.


“Understandable reaction, I’d say”.


“And even more, these two even had some kind of fallout”.


“Did they really?” Bored tone that should hide the feelings that rise from somewhere deep inside, though he’s not sure that he’s able to hide anything from Hansi.


“But everything is fine now”. Right, and if he allowed himself a moment of hope thinking that Jürgen may be getting tired of Löw, it’s just another proof of his foolishness.


And even if there are problems… Words ‘Jürgen’ and ‘London’ used in the same sentence is worse than anything – he still remembers, though it all was more than ten years ago.


“We should be glad for them”.


“Oh yes”, Hansi laughs, he almost hates this sound. “You know that Klinsmann was in Germany the whole last week?”


“I’ve read newspapers already. This is old news too”.


“And spent many, many hours talking with Löw on the phone”.


“That was to be expected”.


“And after all these talks Jogi suddenly decided that he may sign a new contract. Looks like you again won’t be getting this job”.


“Looks like that”.


As long as Löw works here he won’t be able to make any move towards Jürgen, to leave for America, to get more than he has now… Let him sign any contract he wants.


“And, if I understood Jogi right, Klinsmann once again got tired of too many journalists calling him in the most inopportune of times. He changed his phone number once again. Should I get you the new one?”


“There’s no need”, his lips are moving, articulating the words in even tone, though his hands are cold suddenly.


“Got other sources? Watch out, I might get jealous”. Hansi’s voice is still mocking him.


“Don’t worry, I’m still ready to… help… you any way I can”.


He is cold.


Jürgen’s number is on the quick-call list, Jürgen’s number is one of the few he remembers. He dials it without even thinking.


Pleasant mechanical voice answers him.


‘This number doesn’t exist anymore’.





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