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Star Wars Video

Well... This Original Trilogy video was created 3 years ago, didn't come out as I thought it will, the opening text is in russian (translation below) and the second half is more interesting than the first, but there was an IDEA

We all know that SW happened a long time ago. If we want to learn about things that happened long time ago in our reality, we take parchment books with handwritten text and colourful miniatures and read them. What if there was a book like that about the events described in OT? What if we were able to read an illuminated manuscript describing the battle between good and evil, the story of five people - five powers - five gems, and the pictures will come alive before our eyes, and the story will unfold again...

Once upon a time, there was a great battle between light and darkness. And darkness won many fights, but with every victory of dark the light was becoming only stronger, because only when the night is at its darkest the brightest stars will appear. So says the LEGEND...

Youtube link

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