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Given to me by ninamalfoy, and I've finally found time to do it :)

So, three of my interests and three userpics that were chosen:

Michael Ball

And userpics:

elephants  - I'm collecting little figurines of elephants :) No, not even collecting, I just have some cute elephants in my room. Very funny animals, and yes, cute in a way. And clever :)

Москва - yes, it's "Moscow" written in Cyrillic. My hometown. The best city on Earth.

Michael Ball - one of my favorite singers. Some of his cover versions IMHO are better than originals (like "The Rose", "From a Distance", even "Desperado" etc). And he's the best Marius from "Les Miserables" musical - the best ever :)

 - my OTP, Juergen Klinsmann/Lothar Matthaeus. This amazing picture is a screenshot from the video done by Juca after my story "Snow". The words are from the song "Living Eyes" by Bee Gees:

... We are of age, we are in time, we are forever
Right now when the power is mine
I'll leave you heaven and the earth I'll leave you never
And living to love is the reason we shine...

It somehow fits to this picture and to this pairing...

 - strange as it may sound, it is related to my OTP too :) One of my friends has commented once, that in my "Camel" series Jueregen seems to be wery cold and cruel, not caring for what others feel... I started defending him, claiming that he's not cruel, he just doesn't see what others feel, doesn't notice, like Giraffe (you know, long neck, takes time to notice what's going on around from such hight...) Well, since then Juergen's nickname is Giraffe :) And he is just too cute :)))
I'm using this pic when I'm not understanding anything or have to ask for explanation. I can be a Giraffe too sometimes :)

 - now this is real life story :) When I was turning 22, my parents asked me what I want for my birthday. I said that I want a pink elephant. When they finally stopped laughing (took them a lot of time, I'd say) they gave me money and told me to buy the elephant I want. And you know, I found out that there are no pink elephants in Moscow! Those that I've found were just ugly. And on a third day of my elephants hunt I went to the little shop near my house, and there IT was sitting - the one that is pictured here - big, with blue eyes, and cute, and funny, and just... Well, I fell in love. And bought it. But I've asked for pink elephant, and it's not exactly pink, so my mother tied it across with a pink ribbon with a big bow on the ear, and this was how it was given to me. Now it is living in my room, and I adore it :)
Oh, and I've got the pink elephant after all - my mom bought me one as a New Year's gift. It is small, but it can sing a song about pink elephants :)))
The words on the userpic mean something like "beast with trunk". I think only those who was studying in Moscow State University and heard the lections by professor Rybakov will be able to understand the joke. But I'm not the only one who has the interest "чудище хоботистое" in their lj.

I think everyone has done this meme already, but I can give you three things if you want :)
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