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Camel fanmix

This is a fanmix to my "Camel" series.


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01. Alexandr Gradskii – In Wastelands Under Rains and Snows


… В полях под снегом и дождём

Мой милый друг, мой бедный друг

Тебя укрыл бы я плащом

От зимних вьюг, от зимних вьюг…


… - I love you, - he says, and Karl shakes his head, smiling.

- Don’t hurry. It’s too early for you to love, don’t try to speed things up. It will come in its own time.

But he knows that someday Karl will believe him…



02. Pupo – Amore Italiano


… Amore, amore, amore italiano

Amore, amore che vivi lontano

Quanti promesse rinchiuse in un treno

Quanti ricordi quand'ero bambino

Amore, amore è una follia...


… Everything that happens between them happens only at guest matches and never in Milan. It’s too dangerous, says Jürgen. There is always a risk that someone will notice that the relationship between two teammates are closer than they are supposed to be. That’s the main argument Jürgen always brings into the conversation when he is in the mood to bring any arguments…



03. Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack – What Is a Youth


… Sweet as a honey and bitter as gall,

Love is a task and it never will pall,

Sweet as a honey and bitter as gall,

Cupid he rules us all…


… The city lives its own life. The capital of industrial Italy and world fashion business, the town of Sforza and Visconti, the capital of Lombardia – Milan seems to be ancient and modern at the same time. And above the town soars the golden statue of Madonna which crowns the spire of the Dome…



04. Pupo – Firenze Santa Maria Novella


… Firenze Santa Maria Novella è festa

Per lui che va per lei che resta

Per un amore che ritornerò

Firenze Santa Maria Novella scusa

Spero di farti una sorpresa

Quando la mia canzone sentirai...


… Scents of rain and wind burst into the room. Jürgen shuts the door and turns the key in the lock. Water is dripping from his hair, and raindrops are glittering on his face, and he is smiling – too brightly for this rainy evening…



05. Dancelife – A Christmas Song


… Look in your life in the right direction

And be shure to look inside your head

And when you get around your Christmas tree

Be sure to give all you can…


… They are walking down the street – nine young man, holding hands and singing the most famous of Christmas songs. The woman is smiling at them from the window, the man they pass by starts singing softly too. Big snowflakes are falling from the sky, and shop windows are decorated with colorful lights…



06. Gianna Nannini & Edoardo Bennato – Un Estate Italiana


... E il mondo in una giostra di colori

E il vento accarezza le bandiere

Arriva un brivido e ti trascina via

E sciogli in un abbraccio la follia...


… He lifts the Cup above his head. Behind his back Jürgen and Rudi smile at each other, raising their hands to the sky…



07. Astor Piazzola – Libertango


Instrumental composition


He knows that his voice is too loud. Doesn’t matter. He has a right to say it, he’s the captain of the team. He should have said it all yesterday…



08. Rita – Time For Peace


… A time to tear, a time to sew,

A time for silence, a time for speech,

A time for love, a time for hate,

A time for war, a time for peace…


… Shrill of sirens from outside gets on the nerves.

- Why don’t you stay?

- Don’t speak nonsense, - retorts Jürgen without even turning his head…



09. Emma Shapplin – Spente le Stelle


... Spente le stelle

Col pallido raggio di luna

Piange l'amore

Che si lancia come l'onda poi se ne va

Vuota, la notte

E la sua speranza breve

Ora sgorga l'amaro pianto

Un cuor ferito, disperato passa qua...


… He whispers the name like others say the prayer. It is all that is left for him.

Stars are going out – one by one…



10. Glenn Gould – Adagio


Instrumental composition


… Doesn’t matter. Jürgen is sleeping here, now, in his room, in his bed, in this ringing darkness, and a light burning in his chest reminds him suddenly that he’s simply forgotten to draw another breath…



11. D&C feat. Bodane – Nocturne


Instrumental composition


… He doesn’t turn at the sound of the footsteps and doesn’t flinch at the touch. Trees are rocking softly outside.

- I’ve had a dream…



12. Lauren Christie – The Color of the Night


… I'll give you everything I am

And everything I want to be

I'll put it in your hands

If you could open up to me oh

Can't we ever get beyond this wall…


… Listen anyway. It’s a very funny story. You love to laugh, don’t you?

You’re shaking your head?

Listen. It won’t take much time, I promise.

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