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Coach OTP fanmix


I think you've noticed already that all the chapters of "Perhaps Love" are titled with the names of the songs, and if someone read the notes to the story ;), you know that for me each of these songs is some sort of musical theme for the chapter. I'm always uploading them in low quality in the "notes" post, here are these songs in normal quality. Download, enjoy and have fun!


Divshare link (36.48 MB)

01) Raul di Blasio – Luna de Paris


Instrumental composition


... The evening is warm, even too warm for this time of year, as if the weather was waiting for them to come here. It’s a long walk to their hotel, but they are in no hurry. Colorful shop-windows on Rue de Rivoli are shining with lights, the street is filled with tourists like them, and there is nothing more natural than walking hand in hand, just because otherwise it will be too easy to lose each other in the crowd...



02) Les Miserables Musical – J’Avais Reve


...J'avais rêvé d'une autre vie
mais la vie a tué mes rêves
à peine commencée, elle finit

comme un court printemps qui s'achève...


... They happen in the life of everyone, such moments when the world stops turning just for a second and only the most important things, the deepest secrets of one’s heart exist. The moment of truth, of honesty, when it’s impossible to lie to yourself, and most of the times such moments are bitter, because things we hide from ourselves are the things that hurt us the most...



03) Charles Aznavour & Mireille Matieu – Une Vie d’Amour


... Des aubes en fleurs

Aux crépuscules gris

Tout va, tout meurt

Mais la flamme survit

Dans la chaleur

D'un immortel été

D'un éternel été...


... And it’s so easy to do just that. Just close my eyes and let him do everything he wants. It’s so easy to trust him, so safe… I’m always feeling myself safe with him, no matter what is going on. And it always seems right to let him be the one in control. Maybe I should be surprised at myself...



04) Sheena Easton – A Dream Worth Keeping


... I know this dream's worth keeping
As long as it will stay
And even when you see the darkness come creeping
A dream worth keeping
Will never fade away...


... Their days together are filled with quiet conversations and laughter and joy, and sometimes they speak about football, and most of the time they have the same opinion, and sometimes they have discussions too, but they prefer to forget about work in these days...



05) Modern Talking – SMS to My Heart


... I have an idea, to have you near

Here just by my side

Send me a little SMS to my heart

Send me a little SMS like I do...


... They talk to each other almost every day, and even more often they send each other letters with the help of Internet, but if the information is really important, Jürgen always prefers to send an SMS. Mostly one or two words, short, precise, to the point...



06) Tori Amos – Winter


... I run off where the drifts get deeper
Sleeping beauty trips me with a frown
I hear a voice you must learn to stand up for yourself
’Cause I can’t always be around...


...I wonder, Joachim, what do you think about me. Do you dislike me? I am Jürgen’s wife, and my husband loves me as much as I love him, and you…



07) Secret Service – When the Dancer You Have Loved Walks Out the Door


... That might be a dancer

Fading away

Running like a shadow

What made you stay?..


... And he speaks – saying these words that he never needed before, because all his actions spoke much more louder than every phrase. But now he needs to say it, as many times as possible, needs to give voice to his feelings, to give everything he can before Jürgen walks away...



08) Bee Gees – Charade


... We can follow the sun

To the day light is gone

We can gaze up the sky

Till the night is over

Light of my life

You are welcome to my Charade...


... Nightmare. A dream that seemed so natural, so real that he still feels the tears burning in his eyes. But a dream nonetheless. He inhales deeply, trying to calm his racing heartbeat. Just a nightmare...



09) Dancelife – May Christmas Bring You Happiness


... On the morning of the

Christmas Day

You will still feel the warmth

Make it last forever

Make it fill every day...


... Silence stretches between them – warm, comfortable silence, and it’s enough just to smile and to listen to each other breath, across all this unimaginable distance and at the same time so close…

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