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Coach OTP fic - Perhaps Love


: darrus
Fandom: German National team
Pairing: Klinsmann/Loew, others implied
Rating: PG 
Language: English
Warning: RPS

Disclaimer: I still don't know people mentioned in this story and I still hope it isn't true. The plot is still only my fantasy

Summary: after the night out.

Author's notes, previous chapters and music here

Timeline for the series is here 

Ain’t It Funny


I wake up feeling a bit disoriented. Turning my head seems to be an impossible task because some crazy drummer seems to have chosen it right now for practicing syncups. Doing a good job of it too.


"Still think drinking beer after scotch is a good idea?" A glass of mineral water appears right in front of me, and a palm holding two white pills.


"You're the fine one to talk", I drink most of the water in one long gulp. It feels like heaven.


"At least I was able to stand after it all", he laughs, and the loud sound makes me wince. "Sorry", murmurs he, much quieter. "At least it was fun".


"I should have known better", I grown, but at least I feel somewhat like a human now.


He sits down beside my bed. He looks ridiculously fresh for this time of day and for the amount of alcohol he's been drinking.


I remember him talking about the... How did he phrase that? Oh yes, 'suffering of a hopeless soul', those were the words he used most often. Hopeless soul, that's how it is called now? I laugh.


Bad idea, because the drumming concert in my head resumes right away. He smiles wickedly, looking at my grimace.


Hopeless soul, oh yes.


I remember him drinking half the bottle of scotch without even wincing. How come he's so well now and I...


And I shouldn't have drunk so much beer after we've got rid of the scotch.


"So how did the evening end?" I ask, more like an attempt at conversation then a desire to really know. I have some blurred memories of the way to a...


I open my eyes to look at the surroundings. Should be hotel, judging by this panneled ceiling that distinguishes the hotel rooms from everything else.


"I've got you here, called your brother to tell him where you are..."


No, I just have to laugh at this, headache be damned.


"You...", he's just impossible sometimes, "you couldn't have found someone else to call?"


"Oh, you think I should have called this beautiful woman of yours and tell her that you're three sheets to the wind and unable to walk straight, nevermind think straight or..."


I search for something to throw at him but there is only pillow.


"And how did he take your call?"


He grins. "Pleasant as always, your brother."


I remember how he walked me down the stairs - if I'm not delusional, he was gripping the rail as tightly as I was gripping his shoulder, and we were singing... Oh god, we were singing alright.


"Up for a breakfast?" How he can ask such stupid questions is beyond me. I'm too hungover to even think about food.


He laughs and walks out of the room.


And he's even managed to walk relatively steady yesterday - seems he's much tougher then me when it comes to drinking matches. And he's even managed...


Now this part is blurry. He was helping me undress. Yes, that's how it started, then I... Or was it him? Who cares... We ended up both in bed and half-dressed. I'm afraid I wasn't able to show all I'm capable of, but at least I didn't fall asleep in the process. I think.


I groan and turn over - only to regret it instantly, sunlight is too bright. And the pills don't help. Period.


No, I didn't fall asleep, that much I'm sure of - because I do remember the name he was moaning, and my urge to laugh him in the face - I was definitely drunk enough to do that. Wonder how he would've reacted. He can be so foolish sometimes. Always was. For all his attitude, in some situations he's...


And I'm just the one to talk.


Though at least I don't fantacise about one man when I'm in bed with someone else.




Maybe some time I'll learn to lie to myself convincingly.


Maybe not.


And my head still hurts.


He appears at the doorway again.


"So are you going to wake up finally? I'm not paid for babysitting you".


"You're too cheerful for my liking".


"Envious, Lothar?" He's almost gloating.


"No, just curious about the reasons".


He leans closer to me.


"Because everything is going soooo well", and adds in a meaningful tone. "Everything".


"So sure of yourself, are you?"


He gives me another of his wicked smiles.


"And have a good reason to be. You may start congratulating me already".


"Ah, this is why you were drinking yourself to oblivion yesterday?" I can't help it, it's too damn annoying to see Flick in this mood.


"You're always spoiling my fun", he barks. "And I can't help but think that you're really envious".


"What have you done?" I ask out of mild curiosity.


And he looks straight at me.


"Something that you haven't had guts to do".





Tags: coach otp, fanfiction, football, klinsmann, loew, matthaeus, perhaps love, slash, soccer
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